How do you get started in Technical Recruiting?

Job Description Disasters and How to Avoid It

How to get ahead of the curve on antiquated job descriptions

Generative AI and the Changing HR Landscape


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How to avoid Web3 Talent Scams

A few useful tips to spot fraudulent profiles in the expanding world of Web3.

Success Story: CareerLoop Places Ideal Candidate with Key Technology Client

The blog post describes a recent successful placement made by CareerLoop, a recruitment firm. The company was approached by a billion-dollar technology company with a specific need for a highly skilled individual. CareerLoop's team found the ideal candidate who met all of the client's requirements and was a good fit for the company culture. The client was impressed and decided to proceed with the placement, resulting in a successful match for both the candidate and the client. This success highlights the value a good recruitment firm can bring.

How to Find the Right Tech Candidate for Your Role

This blog post explains how to find the right tech candidate for a role. It suggests reaching out to LinkedIn network, asking for referrals, and leveraging social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Personal connections and professional recruiters can help ensure qualified candidates are found. With research and effort, the right candidate can be found quickly.

Web3 Recruiting

Web3 recruiting can be challenging, but with a solid understanding of the ecosystem, building a strong network, targeted job postings, offering incentives, remote work options, staying up-to-date on industry trends, and using social media, you can find the top web3 talent for your company.

Technical Recruiting in a Recession

Technical recruiting can be challenging during an economic downturn, but there are still opportunities to find top talent. Tips include being strategic about the hiring process, keeping an eye on budget, utilizing online resources, fostering a positive company culture and being flexible with work arrangements such as remote work or part-time schedules.

Finding Recent Job Seekers: How to Use Social Media, Job Postings, and LinkedIn

This blog post provides tips for recruiters on how to find recent job seekers. It suggests using online platforms such as Layoffs.FYI and LinkedIn to find recently laid-off employees who match the skills and qualifications required for the job. It also advises on using online job postings and social media platforms such as Twitter, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook and Instagram to reach a larger pool of potential candidates, but cautions on the potential risks and the need to comply with privacy laws. The post concludes that recruiters should take advantage of all these methods to increase the chances of finding the perfect fit.