Your new side gig as a recruiter

Get paid to refer, screen, interview, and assist friends & candidates with finding their next job.


Fixing hiring

Use your network and experience.

Help us fix today's broken recruiting model. Tap into your network and refer the right candidates at the right time. Screen & interview candidates applying for jobs related to your professional experiences.

For companies

Effective hiring, transparent pricing

Adapt to the Future of Work with the Future of Recruiting. No retainers or exclusivity. Only pay upon successful hires.

Higher signal-to-noise

Free up internal resources by spending less time in interviews.

Reduced time-to-hire

Obtain access to the right candidates faster.

Improved retention

Avoid continuously backfilling for the same roles.

Passive access

Unlock passive candidates through our community-driven approach.

Choose your fee

You decide how much to offer, and only pay upon successful hiring. The higher the fee, the faster & better our community tends to find the right candidate.

Retention guarantee

We are proud to have a 1 year retention guarantee. Our recruiting fee vests daily, and we return any outstanding fee if the employment ends within a year.

We leverage many different solutions to attract talent, but signing up for CareerLoop was an easy decision. No retainer or other hidden fees, we will definitely continue to work with CareerLoop.

Michelle Levy

CEO at Stealth Fintech

For recruiters

Build your brand, minimize admin

A platform for you to establish your own brand as a recruiter. Avoid sourcing & negotiating with clients. Tap into our network.

Recognized as an expert

Build your reputation through successful placements & reviews.

Achieve scale

Unlock access to new clients & candidates.

Do what you do best

Spend time recruiting, not selling. We handle all your usual overhead of sourcing, negotiating, and aligning terms with clients.

Leverage our network

Ever had that strong candidate who just was not a good fit for your current open roles? No longer be limited to a few client mandates at a time, but tap into our network and match the candidate to the perfect job.

For candidates

Transparent recruiting, no more BS!

Finally, a positive recruiter-candidate experience. Avoid today's negative experiences.

Community-reviewed recruiters

Our recruiters take pride in building their brand with us. Work with recruiters of your choice - best reviewed, specific industries, local experts, etc. The choice is yours..

Aligned incentives

Recruiters are no longer selling you a specific role. Instead, they are incentivised to help you find the best fit.

Explore multiple options

Avoid having to approach multiple recruitment agencies to explore different roles & industries.

Add LinkedIn, done!

Spend time learning about different roles instead of 1) uploading CV, 2) re-writing all personal details, 3) creating cover letters.

Receive interview feedback

It's 2022. No one likes to be ghosted. Let's ensure you get feedback & help you improve.

Avoid PAIN

From lack of transparency through to automated CV screening - today's processes are outdated. Let's create the future together.

Frequently asked questions

Any questions

We’re here to help

If you have any questions, please do reach out. As a candidate, our team of recruiters can help guide you through the application jungle. For companies looking to hire, please get in touch and we will kick off onboarding. For everyone else, welcome to your next side gig!